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    [JULY P.O.] SMTOWN SUM Cafe Artist Illustration Bottles

    Newly released designs for SMTOWN SUM Cafe’s Artist Ade Bottles are so pretty! ^^ Add these to your collection :  ) Perfect for daily use!

    More details below ^^

    • Pre-order Period: June 22nd to July 14 (Friday)
    • Last Day of Payment: July 14 (Friday)
    • Arrival in Philippines: July 24 (Monday)
    • Target Local Shipping: Starts July 25
    675.00 625.00
  • SHINee: Diamond Bottle

    “Diamond Love” is how we see a Shawol’s love for Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin — strong, brilliant and timeless. ^^ Represent your love for SHINee with our Diamond Love Bottle!

    The SHINee Diamond Bottle is available on hand for order now ^^